Hi there. I'm Matthew Cornell and I love writing software. I have over 20 years of research software engineering experience writing object-oriented AI programs in university and government research labs, including intelligent tutoring systems, interfaces for NASA hardware control, machine learning platforms, and graphical Shuttle payload processing systems. I've worked with many languages and technologies including Java, Python, SQL, and Hadoop, and I specialize in Extreme Programming agile development. Details are on my LinkedIn page.

Currently I am a Research Fellow in the Knowledge Discovery Laboratory at the Computer Science department at the UMass Amherst, where I do a variety of tasks supporting the lab's research. I write in whatever language/environment is best for the job, currently Python and Java EE, with projects that include pairing with students on their machine learning research, building RESTful interfaces to research code, and writing useful little utilities as needed. In the past I programmed a comprehensive machine learning system comprised of a from-scratch database, an advanced graphical query language (including planner, editor, and results browser), and complex desktop Swing UIs.

I am also the creator of Think, Try, Learn: A scientific method for discovering happiness. It's a personal philosophy based on treating life as an experiment. You can read more here. I've also had a small chapter published in the Wiley book Mindhacker: 60 Tips, Tricks, and Games to Take Your Mind to the Next Level (Amazon link here). It's called Hack 54: Think, Try, Learn and you can download the PDF here. I am not developing TTL any more, but I continue to explore ways to help people live more rational lives, with some projects in the works.

Finally, I wrote for a number of years on my blog, The Experiment-Driven Life, which has a lot of different content, including popular posts from my productivity consulting days, and had nearly 2,000 subscribers. Gratifyingly, it still gets hundreds of hits a day. I'm just now rebooting it and writing again, but you may like browsing the alphabetical list of my 400+ posts.

If you get excited about anything you see here, please feel free to contact me. Thanks for stopping by, and happy experimenting!