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12 Wild Things people are visualizing, in addition to "Success"

As a follow-up to my article Top 10 things people are Getting, in addition to "Things Done", I present for your (somewhat bawdry) entertainment: 12 wild things people are visualizing, in addition to success (according to google):
  1. type and mutant hemoglobin proteins
  2. success (OK, I included anyway, despite the title)
  3. shapes
  4. Saracenic tribes adorned in flowing colored togas
  5. bastards
  6. sexual fantasies
  7. gesticulations
  8. geometry of invariant sets
  9. urban adventure
  10. rush of kayaking off a 100-foot waterfall
  11. beaver
  12. sensations of the rainforest
  13. beauty of the rainforest
Again, apologies to The Onion, Timothy McSweeney, and David Allen.

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