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Congratulations to Frank (Mr. "What's the next action") on his two year GTD anniversary!

Frank Meeuwsen, author of the terrific What's the next action GTD blog is reflecting on two years (!) of practicing GTD. Frank kindly invited me to share in his accomplishment - in my small way - by contributing some thoughts on the topic.

To sum things up, GTD's made a tremendous impact in my life, and has opened many, many new doors. In addition to the personal improvements I experienced (e.g., curing my insomnia, losing 15 pounds, starting a blog, and fixing a severe back problem), I'm switching careers to coaching others in this stuff.

It's been huge, and, as Mark Forster pointed out in my interview with him, this might not be such a surprise:
Time management and personal organization have ramifications for the whole of one's life
Put another way, It's not about productivity: Real change focuses not on techniques but on the way people think about themselves, their colleagues, and their work.

Is GTD perfect? No - there are a number of weaknesses I continue to probe and document. But having studied dozens of books on time management and personal productivity, as well as some major competing systems, I still think Allen's work is one of the tightest and most complete ones out there. But it does take work to implement, and to stay with.

That Frank has done this and created a great blog in the process is extremely inspiring to me - Congratulations!

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