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My Academic Productivity post is up

Jose Quesada's fine readers over at Academic Productivity (one of my regular destinations) have asked me some great questions around the unique productivity challenges faculty face. I have tremendous respect for education, and I very much enjoy working with the folks in these fields. Their jobs are some of the most broad and demanding I've encountered in my practice. You can read my thoughts here: Matthew Cornell answers to your academic productivity questions. Even if you're not in academia, I think you'll enjoy the ideas there. I talk about adopting a method without its taking over, the tension between productivity and creativity, social networking for academics, and the crazy hours and the price of success.

Note: I'll be out of commission the next week or two. Concordantly, the switch to matthewcornell.org should be finished soon. The new (and only) feed will be http://feeds.feedburner.com/ideamatt.

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