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I know about you! (I think)

What I like about you,

you hold me tight.

Tell me I'm the only one,

wanna come over tonight

(With apologies to YouTube - The Romantics)

The results are in from the fabulous IdeaMatt survey [1]. A big congratulations to the 12 lucky winners; enjoy your Amazon booty!

At the risk of making sweeping overgeneralizations, I will tell you a bit about yourself based on my sample, and how I plan on changing (or not) as a result. Let me know if this sounds like you.

  • What you do: You do all kinds of work [2], in all sizes of organizations, with a correspondingly wide range of responsibilities. I'll continue to keep the ideas I write about generally applicable.

  • Primary interests: The message was clear: By far, topics on productivity are most interesting to you. In addition you like inspiration, book recommendations, self-improvement, and general "unstick/made me think" posts. I'll make a renewed emphasis on time management. At the same time, I'll continue weaving in my Think, Try, Learn perspective to productivity, and more broadly to self-development and living.

  • Post length and frequency: For the most part you're happy with both. Of course it may be that those who didn't like what one reader called "deep dives" have stopped reading, but I can't help that. For my own time management sanity I'll work on getting posts more concise.

  • Productivity challenges: You've pretty much got your act together, productivity-wise. Can I take credit for that? A little, maybe :-) Some exceptions seem especially to be procrastination and work-life balance, accompanied by: clutter, concentration, information overload, interruptions, personal information management, perfectionism, goals, and team productivity.

  • Products of interest: You are interested in buying:

    • Books ("The Productivity Missing Manual," "Think, Try, Learn: A scientific method for discovering happiness" - $20 range),
    • Informational Guides & How-Tos ($5-$10 range), and
    • Workbooks & Courses ($25-$100 range)
    A smaller portion of you found appealing a Micro-Blog Subscription published throughout the day ($5/month range). In the near future look for my Engineer-Approved, No Woo-Woo Guide to Solving Procrastination (working title :-) along with other unique productivity-minded goodies.

  • Services of interest: While some of you were interested in one-on-one desk-side consulting, most of you preferred my virtual offerings, including:

    • Facilitated book study group (read, discuss, and apply ideas from influential top authors),
    • Productivity mastermind group (weekly conference call. discuss productivity practices, share and learn from fellow members),
    • 6-week Individual programs (Daily Planning, Goals-to-Action Reconnect, Media Diet, Procrastination Experiments),
    • Rent Matt's Brain (targeted thinking and brainstorming for your project),
    • 6-week Group programs (Project Planning Boot Camp, Workflow Self Study, Work Audit), and
    • Executive coaching (3, 6, and 12 month programs for building a sustainable practice)

    Make sure to let me know if you're excited to start one of these right away. I can have any of them ready within the next 6-8 weeks, some sooner.

Thanks again for your feedback. As aways, I love to hear your comments.


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