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A Huge Congratulations to Jason Womack on his new book "The Promise Doctrine"


I am delighted to announce that friend and mentor Jason Womack has released his new book, The Promise Doctrine (A guidebook and system for consistently delivering on your promises!) Jason is an exceptional person - generous and wise, with an extremely positive perspective around living and growing. I've mentioned him here many times [1]. I invite you to check it out.

Some of the questions he helps you answer include:

  • "How do I keep track of all that I've said yes to?"

  • "Why did I say yes to that?"

  • "How do I say no to the things that are taking me off course?"

  • "What does on course look like?"

As he puts it,

When it's clear where you're headed, you can be true to your word.

Well done, Jason!


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