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Why experimenters are luckier...

I really enjoyed the Harvard Business Review article Make Luck Work in Your Favor, which talked about three types of entrepreneur luck:

  1. Circumstantial Luck
  2. Constitutional Luck
  3. Ignorance, or Dumb Luck

Here's a passage I particularly liked, which is a fine description of the typical Think, Try, Learn experimenter:

They read new things, try new experiences and are open-minded to a variety of relationships because they are curious. All of these things increase the probability for circumstantial luck.

Lucky Horse Shoe ?

The topic reminds me of the ideas in How to Attract Good Luck, including the importance of being around new people. Carr claims "a high proportion of lucky chances comes to us through strangers or people we know only slightly."

What's your take on luck? Any tips to share?

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