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A New Edison Feature: Categories!


I am very pleased to announce a nice little Edison feature - Categories! It's pretty simple. When browsing experiments you can go to the Categories tab to see the five most recent experiments under each of 14 categories we decided to start with:

  • Beauty/Style
  • Diet
  • Family/Parenting
  • Fitness/Exercise/Sports
  • Health/Medicine
  • Hobbies/Recreation
  • Home/Garden
  • Money/Finances
  • Other
  • Pets
  • Relationships/Dating/Sex
  • Spiritual
  • Travel
  • Work

(Deciding which ones to use is itself an experiment.)

You can click an experiment to see its details, or you can click the "View all __ Experiments" link at the bottom to see all experiments in that category. There are two views - Feed (a detailed chronological view like the All Experiments page) and List (a simple list of titles).

You can specify the category for new or existing experiments in the popup menu on the "Create (or Edit) Experiment" page. All existing experiments were set to "Other," so you'll see the other categories start to fill in as we go forward.

We added this feature because people new to Edison were not getting a broad enough (and compelling enough) sense of all the great stuff people are trying from the All Experiments page, which shows activity for all types of experiments. I'm excited to see how you like it.

Reader Comments (2)

All categories are looking really awesome and interesting.Really awesome feature.Thanks for sharing
November 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commentertestking ccda
Thanks, testking!
November 12, 2010 | Registered CommenterMatthew Cornell

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