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Welcome to The Experiment-Driven Life blog

Water Balloons III

It's been a long time since I've posted, but that's because lots has been going on behind the scenes. The biggest noticeable difference is that I've migrated1 to a new hosting and blogging platform SquareSpace which is lowering the barriers in important ways: Far easier to edit site content, create blog posts, and get design help from my brilliant Think, Try, Learn collaborator.

I'm changing my blog's name to The Experiment-Driven Life to reflect my new focus on treating everything in life as an experiment - trying things, learning from them, and being happier. As I wrote in The Experiment-Driven Life, this work is deeply connected to the burgeoning Quantified Self movement. Some of the yummy content I'm excited to share is:

  • Experiment-related news and commentary
  • Highlights of Edison experiments
  • Useful experiment ideas
  • A continuing Think, Try, Learn interview series2
  • Edison development news
  • Reviews of self-experimentation sites like Patients Like Me
  • Great quotes with TTL interpretation

Please contact me for any reason - thoughts, TTL, technical problems, broken links, etc.

Happy experimenting!



1 For the technically minded I'll post an after-action report on the many problems moving from Drupal to SquareSpace, and an analysis of the 2~1/2~ year Drupal experiment - though I didn't know I was doing one at the time.

2 My first was with Alexandra Carmichael

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