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What will you track over the holidays?

[cross-posted from Quantified Self]

Alexander Alexeieff, color wood engraving for Pushkin's The Queen of Spades (London, Blackamore Press, 1923) A touchy-feely post this week, I'd love to hear your suggestions on meaningful things we might track during the holidays, now or whenever they are celebrated. Here are a few ideas I had in the social and health categories. What are yours?

  • # social events participated in
  • # laughs
  • # times you stopped and took a breath
  • # family stories told
  • # people you told how you feel about them
  • # smiles obtained
  • # offers of help to someone
  • # times you felt gratitude
  • # times you gave the gift of listening
  • # times went for a walk
  • # servings food
  • # alcoholic drinks consumed
  • # sweets consumed

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