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47 Ways to Kill Your Curiosity

"Curiosity is antifreeze." -- me :-)


  • act your age
  • don't act your age
  • be uninterested in learning
  • be cautious
  • feel old
  • be afraid of the process
  • keep a closed mind
  • assume one true answer
  • be too busy
  • be smug about how much you know
  • assume only one chance
  • focus on the past
  • go it alone
  • be embarrassed to ask questions
  • be part of a community that discourages questioning
  • be in crisis
  • don't be around children
  • don't be skeptical
  • be afraid of the results
  • ignore things that surprise you
  • don't form hypotheses
  • look at things through the same glasses
  • have an agenda
  • be bored
  • assume you know the results
  • surround yourself with sameness
  • be tired
  • tell yourself you need a map
  • be afraid to look stupid
  • be disengaged
  • try something that's way beyond you
  • surround yourself with incurious people
  • don't pay attention
  • don't stray from your field of study
  • ignore the unusual
  • be blind to surprises
  • try things one time only
  • be ashamed to be proven wrong
  • don't write things down
  • be afraid of making mistakes
  • be impatient
  • think teacher, not student
  • be a specialist
  • look down
  • be serious
  • say "I know I wouldn't like that"
  • talk more than listening
  • complain

Reader Comments (2)

I find myself doing many of these things every day and I wonder why I feel so bored. Thanks for printing it out.

July 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCooper

Thanks for your comment, Cooper.

July 19, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermatthewcornell

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