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Check Out My 12 Minute Slidecast, The Experiment-Driven Life

I've uploaded the 12 minute presentation I gave last week at The Boston Quantified Self Meetup Group #3 in Cambridge, MA. Find it on SlideShare at The Experiment-Driven Life. It's loosely based on my essay on the field of self-tracking and what's missing: The Experiment-Driven Life. (You might also like my earlier post Attention Data Hounds: What Personal Data Are You Tracking?, which includes An Incomplete Summary of Personal Informatics.)

In it I explain what I think is missing from the self-tracking data movement, why it needs to be part of a personal scientific method, how it makes you happier, and a little about our edison (tm) Experimenter's journal tool to help live everything in life as an experiment.

Give it a look and let me know what you think! It's my first take, and I'm developing the ideas as I write my book, "Think, Try, Learn: A scientific method for discovering happiness." Care to join in?


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