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How to get your Edison updates to go to Twitter

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An Edison user asked about getting his experiments' observations to route to his Twitter account. Here's how I did it for the @thinktrylearn Twitter account. Basically you use Edison's RSS feature, which is available for both an individual experiment or for all of your experiments. (The @thinktrylearn one uses the third RSS feature, all experiments.) I used twitterfeed.com, though there are other similar tools.

To find the various RSS feeds on Edison:

There you have it! Anyone want to give it a try?

(Note: Currently the feed for group experiments is not showing. The work-around for the motivated user is to use the first type of pattern. For example, the RSS feed for the group experiment corresponding to my above peer experiment - bottle good feelings (Group) - is http://edison.thinktrylearn.com/experiments/show/367.rss.)

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