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"This isn't working"

DSCN1866An integral part of treating life as an experiment is being willing to face the facts, especially when something you're trying isn't working. This is hard for me because I'm often attached emotionally to the experiment, and want it to work out as-is. However, reality doesn't always (often?) match our expecatations, so we have to be flexible.

For example, right now I'm taking a close look at Edison to see what people need from it, and what it takes to get it to stick. If I'm attached to it as it stands, then I suffer because I don't want to change. However, if I remind myself that it's a work in progress, then I can more easily ask how it's going (based on data) and what needs to change. Ideally I'll find a small thing that would yield a big improvement, or at least yield more targeted information.

How about you? Anything you're trying that you need to ask, "Is this working?"

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