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Share your Daily Planning Tips and Win a $199 WinAutomation copy!

(Note: Extended through Fri, 2009-08-07)

The kind folks at WinAutomation have given me three copies of their $199 tool to give away. It's a Windows automation, macro recorder, and scripting program, and has an impressive feature set. For reference, it's in the same category as the free (but hard to use) AutoHotkey and the similarly-powerful (the best I can tell) ActiveWords. I'm delighted to share them with you.

Rather than an arbitrary give-away, lets try an experiment. We'll have a little contest around the topic of my next product, The Ultimate Daily Planning Guide: Making every day a Good Workday (working title). I think daily planning (more below [1]) is the single most important addition to GTD that makes the system really pop, and my client experience bears that out.


The contest

Send me your best tips, variations, and extensions on daily planning, and I'll select three winning entries. The more you write, the better! Send ideas like:

  • Tips and tricks,
  • Challenges that came up in adopting your planning practice, and how you met them, or
  • Questions you think someone new to daily planning might ask.

Email them to winautomation@matthewcornell.org by Fri, 2009-08-07 and I'll pick the winners by that Friday. Good luck, and thanks!


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