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A Huge Congratulations to Bob Walsh on his new Web Startup Success Guide

My super-impressive friend Bob Walsh [1] has written another great book, The Web Startup Success Guide. It is comprehensive, and aims to cover everything a successful startup needs to know. Chapter 8, Getting It Done, will be of particular interest to you. My interview is on page 315, which includes this crisp executive summary: "If his advice can make rocket scientists more productive, it should be just what you need for your startup." :-)

Bob's productivity is off the charts. As someone just getting started in professional (i.e., paid) writing, I really look up to him and his work.

I am delighted to be included, especially given the caliber of the other folks Bob tapped (reading these interviews was itself valuable):

What a lineup. Thanks, Bob!


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A Huge Congratulations to Bob Walsh on his new Web Startup Success Guide - Very good news.

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterimprezy integracyjne

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